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Scandinavian Saturday @ SMCo.

Join us on May 21st for our 5th rendition of Scandinavian Saturday! This is a special series featuring a different Scandinavian coffee roaster on the third Saturday of every month! We’re super excited to bring in some exceptional coffees which until now have not been available in the Capital Region. We’ll be serving two unique coffees via pourover to be announced soon!

Remember this event is on a first come, first served basis! These coffees are extremely rare and the past few months' were SOLD OUT by the early afternoon, so please plan accordingly!

This month’s featured roaster: KAFFA COFFEE

About Kaffa Coffee:
Based in Oslo, Norway, Kaffa proudly spares no expense and devotes an absurdly high percentage of their resources to sourcing only the best green coffee from respected growers across the globe. They aim to highlight not only the region in which they grow but also the people responsible for producing these exceptional coffees.

About Scandinavian Coffee:
Modern Scandinavian roasters are renowned for their careful, nuanced approach to roasting with the goal of highlighting the delicately complex attributes of each coffee. This typically lighter approach is benefited by access to the highest quality green coffee – a privilege enjoyed in Scandinavia for some time thanks to early advancements in sourcing.

Coffees for Scandinavian Saturday are sourced and distributed by, one of our favorite new monthly subscription services. We have partnered up with KaffeBox to offer an exclusive referral link which allows folks to try the service for 25% off the first month. Click here to automatically receive the discount: