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Troy Night Out w/ High Falls + Izzy Heltai

Join us for some Troy Night Out tunes on the patio! Brooklyn-based High Falls and Izzy Heltai from North Adams, Mass will be serenading us as we hang with pals, sip on the best bevs and enjoy life.

High Falls is the name that songwriter and guitarist Colin Vallee has chosen to release music under for the past 6 years. Not to be confused with the lovely town upstate, High Falls is actually named for the waterfall in his hometown of Philmont, NY. Started while overseas in New Zealand, High Falls represents a range of sounds; from the cofessional folk song to more sonic youth inspired sound scapes and tight 3 piece punk rock tracks. High Falls draws influence from bands like Yo La Tengo, Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, Carly Rae Jepsen, Cat Power, Beat Happening, 2 Chainz, Laura Stevenson, etc.

The current High Falls line up has Abbie Krinsky from Hello Floridads providing percussion, and multi-instrumentalist Justin Birmingham from the band Buddha Baby on bass. High Falls is currently based out of Brooklyn and plays shows as often as possible (usually to his cat).

Izzy Heltai is a folk singer-songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts. Izzy is an artist that concentrates on storytelling with emotional and sonic resonance; he accomplishes what's at the heart of all successful storytelling—invoking the familiar, while capturing familiarity in a way that is unique, in a way that is specific to Izzy.