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Emily Ritz + Andrew Joseph Weaver at SMCo.

Join us for a chill afternoon of music on the patio of SMCo with Emily Ritz (hudson, ny) and Andrew Joseph Weaver (kingston, ny). Tunes start around 3pm. $5 suggested donation for the musicians. Coffee, tea, beer, wine, kombucha and snacks will be available. See you there!

After nine years of living in northern California and developing her sound in bands Yesway and Honeycomb, Emily Ritz moved back home to upstate NY and began performing under her own name. Last spring she released her first solo album Pattern Recess, followed by a two month tour across the U.S. and back. This winter Emily toured Spain and finished recording her next record with Luke Temple. Ritz struggles with Lyme-related arthritis, which at times has left her totally disabled. If you listen closely to her songs, you can hear her experience of feeling trapped in her body, while trying to hold on to the hope for a return to health. The darkness and devastation that comes from loss of mobility is certainly felt, yet the overwhelming sensation given off by these songs is one of healing. It’s rare to find an artist through whom the bliss of creation flows so freely.  While classic elements of jazz and R&B can be heard, Ritz's sound is enticingly off-kilter due to her subtly unusual melodic choices and inventive use of electronic manipulation. She uses her voice to weave complex harmonies and avant-garde patterns while delivering poignant and romantic lyrics. Confident and idiosyncratic, Ritz calls forth other bold female artists such as Jenny Hval, Amy Winehouse, Circuit Des Yeux, Solange, and Angel Olsen.

Andy Weaver has been active in music since 2002. Has played on records by rockets and bluelights, castanets, mail the horse, hand habits, etc. A dedicated home recordist and songwriter. People say 'I thought he was really into arthur russell', 'kinda got some tweedy vibes', 'melancholy psychedelia', etc. 

From r/deathgrips:
canireddit• Jul 27, 2014, 6:02 AM
Wow, Weaver is so cool. Not what I was expecting from a guy in a band like Death Grips