Touchy Coffee Brazil Edson Tamekuni

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Touchy Coffee Brazil Edson Tamekuni


NAME // Brazil Edson Tamekuni
REGION // Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais
GROWN BY // Edson Tamekuni
EXPORTER // Aequitas Coffee
IMPORTER // Crop to Cup
VARIETY // Red Catuai
PROCESSING // Volcano Natural
ALTITUDE // 1140 meters above sea level
PURCHASED FOR // unique peanut butter + grape jelly flavor profile

This delicious, comforting coffee is from an experimental microlot from Edson Tamekuni’s family farm in the Cerrado Mineiro region of Minas Gerais. Edson’s family has been growing coffee for decades and he is now in charge of two coffee farms within the family holdings. His belief that success in specialty coffee growing comes from awareness of ALL aspects of the farm so he continues to wear many hats as an owner, manager and employee of the farm

This lot is a full natural processed experiment using the Red Catuai varietal that is dried with the "volcano" technique. Our importer Crop to Cup describes the volcano technique: “the cherry is dried for 2-3 days on patio as normal and then moved into volcano shaped mounds. The coffee is rotated every hour, moving the top layer of cherry from the center out until the cherry in the middle has been moved and creates a kind of ring. The cherry is then mounded again and this process is repeated for 3- 4 weeks until dry. This method allows for more consistent drying and makes for a more clean tasting natural.

We agree – this lot is extremely clean – no signs of off, fermenty, boozy flavors in the final cup, just a gorgeous profile of peanut butter with a lingering sweet red grape flavor.

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