Touchy Coffee Brazil São Luiz

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Touchy Coffee Brazil São Luiz


NAME // Brazil São Luiz
REGION// Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais
GROWN BY // Lúcio Gondim Velloso
EXPORTER // Aequitas Coffee
IMPORTER // Crop to Cup
VARIETY // Red + Yellow Catuai
PROCESSING // Pulped Natural
ALTITUDE // 1135 meters above sea level
PURCHASED FOR // elegant milk chocolate + hazelnut presence

We gravitate towards coffees that have a clear provenance and share some sort of unique flavor characteristic that belies expectations for region specific standards. This beautiful coffee grown by Lúcio Gondim Velloso carries some traditional nut-like flavors we expect from Brazil coffees but wraps them in an exquisitely sweet and lush body. We taste hazelnuts, vanilla, milk chocolate, wildflower honey and marzipan.

Though this pulped natural processed coffee has won plenty of accolades in-country for its beautiful characteristics, it hadn’t found an exporter that matched the values of the folks within the São Luiz Estate. Enter Yuki Minami, a young and industrious third generation farmer that is changing the landscape of specialty coffee growing by starting Aequitas Coffee, an export group that looks to empower farmers from the São Gotardo region of Cerrado Mineiro in Minas Gerais and connect them with worthy importers and roasters outside of Brazil. Yuki met the Velloso family at a Brazilian coffee industry event in 2018 and quickly found many shared values and common ground. Here we are in 2019, roasting and drinking this beautiful coffee that has passed through many hands to get to us.

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