Touchy Coffee Ethiopia Deri

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Touchy Coffee Ethiopia Deri


Name // Ethiopia Deri
Region // Guji Hambela
Nearest Neighborhood // Deri Kedame
Washing Station // Teshome Gemechu
Varietal // 74110
Altitude // 1800-1960 MASL
Exporter // Snap Coffees
Importer // Collaborative Coffee Source
U.S. Arrival // June 2019
Intention // clear, beautiful summer-evoking coffee
We Taste // summer peach, buttery crust, juicy, milk chocolate, radiant, porch life, summer swings

In searching for an ideal coffee to fall into our flash-chilled iced coffee slot, we typically reach for a coffee from Africa. Something about the region’s history and agrarian makeup seems to yield coffees express themselves perfectly when cold.

Take this year’s Ethiopia Deri, from the Teshome Gemechu washing station in the Hambela region of the Guji zone; as cold coffee it oozes sweetness, like freshly squeezed juice from an over-ripe peach on a hot summer day. As brewed hot coffee, its stone fruit presence is balanced nicely by milk chocolate and the flavor of buttery pie crust.

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