Touchy Coffee Ethiopia Kossa Geshe Botto

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Touchy Coffee Ethiopia Kossa Geshe Botto


Ethiopia Kossa Geshe Botto
A Festive + Fruit Holiday Coffee
maple syrup, blueberry, sparkling, juicy
12oz. whole beans

region // Kossa, Limu, Jimma
grown by // Abulwahid Sherif, Kossa Geshe estate owner
farm size // 65 hectares
elevation // 1,800 MASL
varietal // landrace
processing // dry process
we taste // dark maple syrup, blueberry + strawberry flavors, sparkling, juicy, milk chocolate in the finish
importer // Crop to Cup

Our adventurous holiday coffee this season represents something unique for a coffee from Ethiopia; it was produced on a single farm. Usually coffees from Africa are the result of smallholder farmers bringing their outputs to a washing station or co-op in their respective areas. The coffees are then sorted by quality, processed, blended and sold with hundreds of other farmers' coffees.

Crop to Cup has worked with Abdulwahid Sharif for a few years, noting abundant improvements in infrastructure as well as life for the workers he employs. Some investments noted on their last visit include two new dorm buildings, three new worker kitchens, bathrooms, hand-washing stations, a kindergarten and a brand new 75,000 sq. meter drying patio for processing his gorgeous coffee.

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