Touchy Coffee Guatemala Lazara Perez

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Touchy Coffee Guatemala Lazara Perez


Exclusive Lot // 1,214lb (8x 69kg bags)
Region // Guatemala
Location // Huehuetenango > Chanjon
Altitude // 1650 Meters Above Sea Level
Varietals // Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
Processing // Fully Washed
Processed by // ASDEFLOR co-op (30 members)
Exporter // Shared Source
Importer // Shared Source
We Taste // graham cracker, pastry crust, black cherry, marshmallow, silky body

Coffee from farmer Lazara Perez comes to us through a exporter/importer partner nameed Shared Source, whose headquarters are in the Pacific Northwest. They do heavy work in Colombia, Guatemala and Kenya, differentiating themselves from other importers by taking a more hands-on approach to buying and relationship-building. Shared Source buys "parchment" from trusted farmers and co-ops and handles the final milling themselves. This enables them to have hands-on control over quality as well as direct payment to farmers for their work. This is the second year Shared has purchased coffee from Lazara through her co-op partners ASDEFLOR and they were so pleased with how her coffee performed last season that they paid her more this season.

We contracted Lazara's entire 2018-19 specialty quality output so we will be the only roaster offering her coffee. It is important to us that our all day/every day coffee has a face and a name and not be relegated to a blend. We want coffees in this slot to have character and a unique presence but still maintain approachability. In Lazara’s coffee we find heaps of sweetness in the form of graham cracker and marshmallow aromas, cut with a black cherry-like acidity, a silky body and a lingering finish. This profile is versatile and unique, giving it life across many brewing methods.

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