Touchy Coffee Mexico Oaxaca Teojomulco

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Touchy Coffee Mexico Oaxaca Teojomulco


Mexico Oaxaca Teojomulco
A Comforting + Cozy Holiday Coffee
brown sugar, light citrus, elegant
12oz. whole beans

region // Sierra Sur, Santo Domingo Teojomulco, Mexico
grown by // 30 farmers
elevation // 1,500 MASL
varietal // typica
processing // fully washed
we taste // brown sugar, light citrus, elegant, dark chocolate in the finish
importer // Crop to Cup

When sourcing our first holiday offerings, we wanted to partner up with an importer who could help us find single origin coffees that are not only dazzling in flavor but also hold important contexts to where they are grown.

Coffee from this area of Mexico is typically collected and blended into large lower-quality regional lots that get sold off to commercial roasters. On a recent sourcing trip, our importer partner Crop to Cup was able to connect with a group of 30 farmers represented by a family that runs a trading post-type operation collecting coffee cherries from this hard to reach mountainous area. The result is this beautiful, elegant "unicorn" of a coffee that we can't wait for you to try this holiday season!

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