Touchy Coffee Rwanda Rwanda Bukure Farm

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Touchy Coffee Rwanda Rwanda Bukure Farm


Rwanda Bukure Farm
wildflower honey, red Smarties candy + hibiscus + cherry cordial, wine-like body, long finish
12oz. whole bean

Region // Northern Province, Gicumbi District
Traceable To // 80 farmers
Elevation // 1800-2200 MASL
Varietal // Red Bourbon
Processing // Dry Processed
U.S. Arrival // 11/29/2018
Lot Size // 30x 50kg bags
Importer // Crop to Cup
Selected For // Adventure, Uniqueness

"Passionately caring about the well-being of others and a meticulous attention to detail. That sums up the Nova Coffee team. You have to pay attention to the small print when your background is running a pharmacy. Pharmacist Felix Hitayezu and his wife Agnes Mukamushinja (nurse) run a pharmacy called "Pharmacie Nova" in Kigali, and only recently decided to dip their toes into coffee 5 years ago, which they aptly named "Nova Coffee". The result? A coffee program run with as much professionalism as a pharmacy. Before they started they came up with an offical vision and mission statement. Nova Official Vision: "At Nova Coffee, we envision to drive the community socio economic welfare through the enhancement of improved coffee farming practice." Nova Official Mission statement: "Being a women centered washing station, Nova Coffee is committed to develop the neighboring community into specialized coffee farmers that produces the high quality coffee as well as to enhance the social cohesion in order to create more jobs and eradicate poverty". Truly socially motivated dreamers- our kind of people! Why do coffee though? During the genocide Agnes saw most of the coffee trees get destroyed in her village, trees that her father spent his entire 50 year career supporting, as a coffee agronomist and mobilizer. The remaining trees were of low quality and all coffee was being processed as semi-washed. In Agnes's words, "We bought a decrepid old washing station to fix up and try and lift up the village". – Notes from our importer, Crop to Cup

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